What is Functional dry needling?

Functional dry needling (FDN) is a treatment technique that uses small filiform needles to release tight muscles with the goal of permanently reducing muscle pain and dysfunction.  Physical therapists are now using this technique around the world to effectively treat acute and chronic orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions.

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What can functional dry needling do for you?

FDN can help you to resolve difficult, nagging injuries and chronic conditions. Our goal is to restore you to your optimal level of function, whether that includes helping you return to work, sports or other activities.  Conditions that are commonly treated are: spinal disorders, lower and upper extremity disorders, as well as, women's health issues.

Why does Great Northern incorporate FDN into the scope of practice?

Utilizing FDN in physical therapy practice allows for a more rapid return to a strengthening and exercise program. This results in a faster return to function and helps to prevent future recurrence of the problem.  The rationale for FDN is based on well-established models of neuropathic pain. Emerging evidence has shown that FDN is effective in the management of chronic low back pain and whiplash associated disorders, as well as a variety of other conditions.  Our therapists are currently involved in numerous case reports and mechanistic studies regarding FDN.