Pre Ski Mobility Workout

It finally seems like winter is here! Check out this great pre-sking mobility routine to help get warmed up for that epic powder day!

Run through this active mobility series 3-4 times in a row before you hit the slopes. The positions should only be held for a few seconds before progressing to the next exercise.


-       Pull knee to your chest, step forward into a lunge, twist torso toward forward leg. 


-       Stand on one leg, keep knee straight and bend forward toward toes. Option to add a rotation to the back leg.



 - Take a large step forward with left leg and bend your knee into lunge. Drop left elbow to the floor next to your foot.


- Slowly lower your body to the floor hands out to the side.

- Drive your right heel towards your left hand by activating your glutes. Keep your shoulders down. 


- Place your hands under shoulders and press into downward dog.

-Slowly walk your feet back up to meet your hands

-Stand up and repeat exercise 1