Osteoporosis: A condition in which the bones become weak and/or brittle. Physical therapy can help to address Osteoporosis by working on strength training. The evidence shows that increasing strength and weight bearing activity can help prevent bone loss.

Fibromyalgia: Physical therapy can help with the pain and symptoms of fibromyalgia. Treatment can include gentle exercises, manual therapy and the education on neuroscience of pain.

Pre and post-surgical care: Physical therapy can provide care pre and post surgical care following bladder sling surgery, TURP, hysterectomy, prostatectomy, mastectomy, c-section and many other pelvic floor surgeries.

Cancer care:  Physical therapy can provide care for patients who are going through cancer treatment who may experience decreased balance, decreased mobility, changes in strength and/or coordination, axillary webbing, lymphedema education and treatment, garment fitting (if appropriate) and postural dysfunction.